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Farm Sinks

Farm sinks have become the sink of choice for designers across the country whose goal is to design a kitchen that stands out from the rest, using the sink as the center piece to pull the kitchen together and makes a striking statement. In addition to its stylish benefits, farm sinks are very practical as they allow you to gain proximity to the faucet which in turn offers less leaning over while washing.

Farm sinks are also known as apron sink or farmhouse sinks. Traditionally these sinks were made of fireclay. Towards the end of the 19th Century, French farmhouse sinks started to make their mark. Using local French clay, which was more refined than that used to produce the Butler sinks in the UK the French were able to cast more elegant pieces and were typically thinner on the side walls.

Due to advances in technology used in the production of metals and other materials, farmhouse sinks can now be produced out of stone, stainless steel, copper, concrete, cast iron and the latest addition, bamboo, all of which make for durable farm sinks and all of which can be found at Zen Sinks.

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