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5 Interior Design Trends That Are Sweeping Rural Homes

Posted by Tony Johnson on

Folks who live in swanky urban apartments aren’t the only ones who are passionately interested in the latest design trends. People who pride themselves on their country homes are also on the look-out for ways to spruce them up. Here are five interior design trends that are sweeping rural homes:

Bright, Bold Colors

Colors of intense hues are one of the design trends for 2018. The more they resemble the color of gemstones, the better. The color for 2018, after all, is Ultraviolet. These colors won’t be found only in Oriental rugs or window dressings, but in ruby red velvet couches, emerald green overstuffed armchairs and even wooden kitchen chairs painted in hues of turquoise, jade, or carnelian.

Curvy Furniture

Boxy, overly-masculine furniture is out — at least for this year. In 2018, the furniture takes its cue from Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and specific post World War II styles. These styles were inspired by curvy-somethings in nature, including clouds, eggs, clamshells, and even foliage. Even the coffee tables had bases made of carved wood and tops made of curved plate glass.


Brass accents will also be popular in rural homes. These include everything from light fixtures to bathroom fixtures to the frames of mirrors and paintings. Brass will be found in the hardware on kitchen cabinets, sinks, and other types of areas throughout the house.

Interior Barn Doors

A barn door can be a wonderful way to separate space in homes with a lot of open area. If your living room is connected to your dining room, a set of sliding barn doors or a single sliding barn door can be a great way to separate the two rooms. These clever doors are attached to runners that allow them to slide open, much like the doors on real barns. They can be double or single, made of unvarnished knotty pine or reclaimed from a “real” barn door. They can have mirrors, windows, louvers or K-panels.

Colorful Stone

Though white marble will always have its place in the home, it is being joined by more colorful types of stone such as chalcedony, agate, and onyx. Because many of these stones are also classified as semi-precious gems, they can be pricey. A homeowner may find accent tiles or bric-a-brac, figurines or other decorative items that have been carved out of these colorful stones.

These are just five items that are trending for rural homes, and there are many more. Just because a house is found out in the country is no reason for it not to be as sophisticated or beautiful as any abode found in the big city.

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